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            A List of System Snippets (aka Macros)

            You would like to see a list of snippets or macros you can use on your website or in system emails.

            A snippet is a code that instructs the system to expand automatically into a predefined field or instruction. This can be used when sending group emails, to personalize data, or on your website for auto-updates.

            General Website Snippets

            • Verified Merchant Seal - Add the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal to your website to boost shopper confidence (for Authorize.Net merchants only)
            • Days Until Event - This macro counts down from today until the Event Start Date is reached.
            • Event End Date - The date the event ends
            • Event Name - The name of the event
            • Event Start Date - The date the event starts
            • General Donation Button - This snippet will take donors to the General Donation page for your Pledge event. This function must be enabled in Pledge - Settings
            • Group List - Lists all the groups or teams in your event
            • Inline Script - Provides a wrapper for inline Javascript code
            • Make a Donation - This will create a "Make a Donation" button with a link to the Participant/Group Search page.
            • Organization Address - The organization's street address
            • Organization City - The organization's city
            • Organization Contact Name - The organization's primary contact
            • Organization Email - The organization's email address
            • Organization Name - The organization's name
            • Organization Phone - The organization's phone number
            • Organization State - The organization's state
            • Organization Zip/Postal Code - The organization's Zip/Postal code
            • Overall Goal Thermometer - Displays a fundraising thermometer. Pledge events take the fundraising goal from the Event Pledge Plan; all other events should specificy a goal here.
            • Participation Rate - Show overall fundraising participation rate. Shows the percentage of participants with at least one pledge donation.
            • Register Now - This will create a "Register Now" button with a link to your current Registration page.
            • Script End - Corresponds to the end of a Javascript block
            • Script Include - This provides a snippet to add Javascript external files
            • Script Start - Corresponds to the start of a Javascript block
            • Team Participation Rate Graph - Team Participation Rate Graph.
            • Top 10 Fundraisers - A listing of the top ten fundraising individuals (Pledge events only)
            • Top 10 Fundraising Teams - A listing of the top ten fundraising teams (Pledge events only)
            • Top Five Fundraisers - A listing of the top five fundraising individuals (Pledge events only)
            • Top Five Fundraising Teams - A listing of the top five fundraising teams (Pledge events only)
            • Top Fundraisers - A listing of the top fundraisers. You can define the number you wish to display. (Pledge events only)
            • Top Fundraising Teams - A listing of the top fundraising teams. You can define the number you wish to display. (Pledge events only)
            • Total Raised - Provides the current total raised in currency format (ie $5000.00). Choose Pledge for donations only, or Overall for all registrations, sales and donations.
            • Web site URL - Your website URL

            Member Snippets

            • Areas - Areas of interest (for volunteer registrations)
            • Comment - Areas/Skills of interest (for volunteer registrations)
            • Participant First Name - Participant first name
            • Participant Last Name - Participant last name
            • Participant Username - Participant Username
            • PCP Question Answer - A direct link to the PCP question answer page
            • Reset Link - Displays a password reset link which allows participants to reset their password
            • Skills - Skills (for volunteer registrations)
            • Contact First - NameContact First Name.
            • Contact Last - NameContact Last Name
            • Sponsor Name - The Sponsor Name.

            Team Snippets

            • Starting Hole - The start hole of the team
            • Starting Time - The start time of the team
            • Team Course Name - The course name of the team
            • Team Members List - The member list of the team
            • Team Name - The team name

            Order Snippets

            • Amount Due - The amount due.
            • Order Number - The order number.
            • Payment Retry Link - The link to the payment retry interface.

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