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            A List of System Snippets (aka Macros)

            You would like to see a list of snippets or macros you can use on your website or in system emails.

            A snippet is a code that instructs the system to expand automatically into a predefined field or instruction. This can be used when sending group emails, to personalize data, or on your website for auto-updates.
            NOTE: Not all snippets are available for every page or email editor.  By using the snippet button in the page editor on the page you are on is the only way to ensure that the snippet will work.  If you copy and paste a message from one place to another, or into an email for example, the snippets may fail.

            General Website Snippets

            1. Verified Merchant Seal - Add the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal to your website to boost shopper confidence (for Authorize.Net merchants only)
            2. Days Until Event - This macro counts down from today until the Event Start Date is reached.
            3. Event End Date - The date the event ends
            4. Event Name - The name of the event
            5. Event Start Date - The date the event starts
            6. Group List - Lists all the groups or teams in your event
            7. Inline Script - Provides a wrapper for inline Javascript code
            8. Organization Address - The organization's street address
            9. Organization City - The organization's city
            10. Organization Contact Name - The organization's primary contact
            11. Organization Email - The organization's email address
            12. Organization Name - The organization's name
            13. Organization Phone - The organization's phone number
            14. Organization State - The organization's state
            15. Organization Zip/Postal Code - The organization's Zip/Postal code
            16. Overall Goal Thermometer - Displays a fundraising thermometer. Pledge events take the fundraising goal from the Event Pledge Plan; all other events should specificy a goal here.
            17. Register Now - This will create a "Register Now" button with a link to your current Registration page.
            18. Script End - Corresponds to the end of a Javascript block
            19. Script Include - This provides a snippet to add Javascript external files
            20. Script Start - Corresponds to the start of a Javascript block
            21. Total Raised - Provides the current total raised in currency format (ie $5000.00). Choose Pledge for donations only, or Overall for all registrations, sales and donations.
            22. Web site URL - Your website URL

            Pledge Snippets

            1. General Donation Button - This snippet will take donors to the General Donation page for your Pledge event. This function must be enabled in Pledge - Settings
            2. Make a Donation - This will create a "Make a Donation" button with a link to the Participant/Group Search page.
            3. Participation Rate - Show overall fundraising participation rate. Shows the percentage of participants with at least one pledge donation.
            4. Team Participation Rate Graph - Team Participation Rate Graph.
            5. Top 10 Fundraisers - A listing of the top ten fundraising individuals (Pledge events only)
            6. ​Top 10 Fundraising Teams - A listing of the top ten fundraising teams (Pledge events only)
            7. Top Five Fundraisers - A listing of the top five fundraising individuals (Pledge events only)
            8. Top Five Fundraising Teams - A listing of the top five fundraising teams (Pledge events only)
            9. Top Fundraisers - A listing of the top fundraisers. You can define the number you wish to display. (Pledge events only)
            10. Top Fundraising Teams - A listing of the top fundraising teams. You can define the number you wish to display. (Pledge events only)

            Participant Snippets

            1. Participant Estimated Units - The participant estimated units of effort, ie pins for a bowl-a-thon.
            2. Participant Goal - The participant fundraising goal.
            3. Participant Statement - The participant's statement on their personal fundraising page.
            4. Participant Total Raised - The fundraising total raised by a participant.
            5. Participant Web Link - Participant personal web page link.

            Team Snippets

            1. Starting Hole - The start hole of the team
            2. Starting Time - The start time of the team
            3. Team Course Name - The course name of the team
            4. Team Members List - The member list of the team
            5. Team Name - The team name
            6. Team Estimated Units - The estimated units of effort for a team, ie pins for a bowl-a-thon
            7. Team Goal - The team fundraising goal
            8. Team Statement - The statement on a team fundraising page
            9. Team Total Raised - The team total raised
            10. Team Web Link - Team web page link

            Member Snippets

            1. Areas - Areas of interest (for volunteer registrations)
            2. Comment - Areas/Skills of interest (for volunteer registrations)
            3. Participant Course Name - Participant course name
            4. Participant First Name - Participant first name
            5. Participant Last Name - Participant last name
            6. Participant Username - Participant Username
            7. PCP Question Answer - A direct link to the PCP question answer page
            8. Reset Link - Displays a password reset link which allows participants to reset their password
            9. Skills - Skills (for volunteer registrations)
            1. Contact First - NameContact First Name.
            2. Contact Last - NameContact Last Name
            3. Sponsor Name - The Sponsor Name.

            Order Snippets

            1. Amount Due - The amount due.
            2. Order Number - The order number.
            3. Payment Retry Link - The link to the payment retry interface.

            Subscriber Snippets (Mailing List)

            1. Subscriber First Name - The subscriber first name
            2. Subscriber Last Name - The subscriber last name
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