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            About System Snippets (Macros)

            You see a list of snippets or macros in the page editor and would like to know how to use them on your website or in system emails.


            A snippet is a code that instructs the system to expand automatically into a predefined field or instruction. This can be used when sending group emails, to personalize data, or on your website, for auto-updates.

            WEBSITE MACROS

            We have many snippets that can be used on your website to show Fundraising Thermometers, Top Fundraisers, Administrative Contacts and more. These can be found in the Website editor. 
            Learn more about Working with Website Snippets. 

            Special website macros include:

            EMAIL MACROS

            The Email -> Compose area also includes an editor and website snippets.

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            Updated: 20 Dec 2018 06:41 AM
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