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            Adding Additional Account Administrators

            You wish to enable multiple administrators or users of your administration area. Each subscription includes three administrators and each additional administrator may be granted limited access to your administration area.

            The primary administrator will add a new administrator from   Account -> User Management , located in the upper right hand corner of your administration area.
            1. Click on   Add New Administrator . (If this button does not appear, you have reached your limit of administrators and can purchase additional administrators as needed.)
            2. Create a new administrator profile, including   Username & Password . This will allow the administrator to access the system.
              NOTE : When an additional administrator logs into the admin area, they must enter your organization's hostname in addition to their username and password. The hostname is the first part of the URL only, do not add the http:// or the from
            3. You will then need to set the   permissions granted   to the new administrator. You can edit these by going to   Account -> User Management , then under the Action tab next to the administrator's name, select   Permissions . This step must be completed, or the additional administrator will not have access to pages within the administration area.

            Working with Multiple Subscriptions

            When an account includes multiple subscriptions there is one primary admin for each event. The information for the event level administrator will appear in your auto-generated emails to participants. If you wish to manage multiple subscriptions and have multiple administrators, you must complete the following task.

            1. Go to   Events -> Settings -> Advanced Settings   for the event in question.
            2. At the bottom of the   Advanced Settings   screen, you will have the opportunity to add an ' Administrator '. You must first create the administrator's profile, as above, and then just begin typing the administrator's name. Available persons will appear and you can click on the correct administrator for your event.

            Updated: 14 Dec 2018 01:10 AM
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