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            Adding Products to an Existing Order

            You would like to add items to an existing order. Perhaps someone has decided to purchase additional items or you are at the event and wish to charge the constituent for items.

            To add items to an existing order, follow these steps.

            Adding Items

            1. Go to Reports->Orders and click on the order in question.
            2. Scroll down to the Add Items section.
            3. In the Participant Name box, verify that the correct name is there.  If you wish to add a product and associate it with a different person do the following
              1. Click the Magnifying Glass icon.  A pop-up window will open.
              2. Type in the First OR Last name and click search.
              3. Click on the correct name in the search results.
            4. Select the Product you wish to add, along with the quantity and click the green Add button. 
            The order will be updated and show as incomplete for any additional amount of items added.

            Charging the Order

            If you have a credit card on file...
            1. At the top of this screen, you will see a Charge button.
            2. Click the button, confirm/edit payment details, and press Charge.
            3. Once the order has been successfully processed, the Order Status will be changed to Complete

            Alternatively, you may want to send a Payment Retry Link to the customer, which sends an email to the customer allowing them to edit their own payment details and resubmit. 
            1. At the top of this screen, Click the Email Payment Retry... button. 
            2. Verify the subject line and the email address.
            3. Edit the page body as necessary.
            4. Click the Send button.
            Updated: 26 Jun 2019 06:56 AM
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