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            Adding Products to Your Website

            You would like to add a new product to your website

            To add a new product, follow these steps:
            1. Go to Products -> All -> + Add New Product.
            2. Complete the Name, Description (optional), and the Price. Set price to $0 for no cost products included with registration.
            3. Next, enter the Attribute you have defined for the Product (like Size, Meal Choice or Color).
            4. Then enter the Attribute Values you have defined, separated by a comma (ie S, M, L).
            5. If quantity is limited, include the total available here.
            6. Press Add.


            Any product can have an attribute associated with it, such as 'Size' or 'Preference'. Each Attribute can have a set of possible Attribute Values, such as S, M, L, XL or Beef, Chicken, Vegetarian. Attributes are usually one or two words (i.e. Size), and Attribute Values are defined as a comma separated list (i.e. S, M, L, XL).

            1. Only one attribute per product is supported. If you have shirts in both women's and men's sizes, then make your Attribute values like this example: Mens S, Mens M, Mens L, Womens S, Womens M, Womens L.
            2. In order to capture selections for 'Included Items' such as dinner choices or shirt sizes, please create the product as defined above, but create the Price of 0.00. For more information, see Products included in Registration Fees.

            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 03:10 AM
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