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            You wish to know how to manage administrative registrations, sponsorship or product sales. Administrative registrations are useful as you want to get all data into your system for registration and reporting purposes. You may wish to register:

            • constituents who have mailed, faxed, or called in their registrations
            • sponsors who do not wish to pay online
            • people who you are offering a complimentary registration (ie VIPs or staff)
            • participants who attended and paid at the door (processing after your event will keep your records accurate)

            For entering donations made to a fundraising participant administratively so that your participants can receive credit for their donations, see this article.


            You can complete administrative registrations from Account (upper right hand corner of admin) -> Website Admin Mode

            Using the Website Admin Mode allows you to:

            • Register constituents with fewer required fields (ie maybe you don't know their address)
            • Register constituents with all payment methods enabled (even complimentary and methods that users will not see)
            • Register constituents when your event is already over or in progress
            • Enter check transactions and mark them as Complete
            • Select to send/not send email confirmation for the transaction

            When you click on Website Admin Mode, a new window will open with your public website and you will see a note at the top: 'Administrative Registration features have been enabled for your session only.'  Simply proceed as if you were completing the registration for your constituent. 

            As you proceed, you will see administrator only functions, with special fields that can be used to complete the registration. Please set the payment status, reference and email preference for this order. The Payment Reference may be the check # or credit card authorization number related to the payment. 

            All payment types, including No Charge (complimentary), are enabled in Website Admin Mode. Website Admin Mode will only be enabled for your session and will not effect other users on your site.

            Updated: 14 Nov 2018 06:04 AM
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