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            Are there instructions for my participants to help them fundraise and set up fundraising pages?

            You would like to send your peer-to-peer participants instructions for fundraising for your cause and creating their personal fundraising pages. 

            Yes, we have several resources for your event participants.
            1. Please send your participants to our Participant Fundraising Library. The Library includes many helpful fundraising resources for team leaders and participants including: detailed crowdfunding software instructions, tips for event planning and preparation, sample donation request letters, and more. Just send your participants to this page or modify those templates as you wish and send them to your fundraisers.
            2. We have software instructions that you can modify for your event and post on your website. You can do this at Pledge -> Registration Options -> Participant Instructions (PDF). Customize the instructions above for your event and then upload. Your participants will see the uploaded instructions upon registration and from their Participant Control Panel -> Instructions tab.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 06:44 AM
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