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   Gateway: [FIELD] is required. Reason Code: (33)

            You are using as your payment processor. Your constituents are receiving error code 33 when attempting to process a credit card and payments are being declined.

            This message indicates that you have a field marked as required in your current configuration, but it is not transmitted or supported by the DoJiggy payment gateway. You must mark the following fields as NOT required, in your setup:
            1. Phone
            2. Email
            3. Bill To First Name

            In the actual error message that you receive, the value for the [FIELD] is replaced with the actual field name that is causing the error.  Also note that it may be more than one field affecting the transaction. Please be sure to test a credit card transaction until this message is cleared.

            To change the referenced field to NOT required: Login to the Interface and click on Settings -> Payment Form -> Form Fields and uncheck the Required box for the particular [FIELD]. 

            Note: As part of the billing process, DoJiggy accepts 'Name on Card' (as one field). We then transmit the full Name on Card field to Authnet, under the Last Name field. This allows us to better verify cards that use a company name on the card and provide support for multiple gateways. For this reason, please make the First Name not required. Last Name is a required field.

            Example Message

            Response Reason Code: 33
            Response Reason Text: FIELD cannot be left blank.

            The FIELD is set as Required in the Merchant Interface and the FIELD is not being sent to the gateway. To change the FIELD value to NOT REQUIRED: Login to the Merchant Interface ( 
   ), click on Settings and Profile -> Payment Form -> Form Fields and uncheck the Required box for the particular FIELD.

            IMPORTANT: If you continue to get Reason Code: (33), remove the new field referenced in the error message, and try again. What this means is that sometimes there are multiple fields required that need to be changed. You will have to pay attention to the message/field name and remove the field references again at times before clearing error 33.

            For gateway problems, please call at 877-447-3938

            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 05:30 AM
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