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            Can I change a Per Unit of Effort Pledge to a Donation and vice versa?

            You wish to change a Per Unit of Effort Pledge to a Fixed Donation or you wish to change a Donation to a Per Unit of Effort Pledge.

            To do either one of these actions, follow the directions below.
            1. Go to Reports -> Donations by Donor
            2. Locate the Pledge number or the Donor name you wish to update
            3. Click Actions, Edit Pledge next to the Pledge you want to adjust
            4. Update the necessary pledge order details, including Pledge Type and either Pledge Per Unit (for Per Unit pledges) or Pledge Amount (for fixed amount pledges). 

              To change a Per Unit Pledge to a Fixed Pledge: 
              - Set Pledge Type to “Fixed 
              - Set 'Pledge Amount Per unit' to BLANK 
              - Set the 'Pledge Total' to the correct total 

              To change a Fixed Donation to a Per Unit Pledge
              - Set Pledge Type to “Per Unit” from the pull down 
              - Enter the amount per unit to pledge 
              - Set the Pledge Total to BLANK as the system will recalculate the pledge total

            5. Click Update to save your changes.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 06:45 AM
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