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            Can I earmark funds received through my Donations website for specific programs or campaigns?

            You would like to set up different beneficiaries, programs, initiatives, campaigns, etc. on your Donations website for your donors to choose from. 

            The Donations platform has the ability to define donation Categories. By adding the categories that you wish to include on your Donation page, you can allow your donors to define how they would like their donation amount to be split between programs, initiatives, campaigns, etc. Donors will enter donation amounts for their desired categories and the total will be calculated by the system.

            To set up different categories for the purpose of earmarking donated funds:
            1. Go to Donations -> Categories. (If you are accepting Recurring Donations, you cannot set Donation Categories in this way and the Category menu item will not show. You may wish to instead use custom questions.)
            2. From here, click Add Category and complete the category details.
            3. Continue the process until all desired categories have been added.
            4. You may also adjust the order that your categories will be shown on the donation form by using the up and down arrows in the Order column.
            5. Review your public website to see that the Categories are displayed correctly.
            6. You can review your donations by category by going to Reports -> Sales Detail Report. The categories chosen will also be shown in the order details from Reports -> Orders and clicking the order number.

            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 05:54 AM
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