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            Can I earmark funds received through my Event website for specific campaigns?

            You would like to set up different beneficiaries through your website.

            The system has the capacity to designate funds upon registration, and can track these designations in your reports. 

            To set up different beneficiaries, please go to: 
            1. Website-> Questions
            2. From here, you will need to select the type of registration question. In this case, you will select picklist.
            3. This will take you to a screen where you can determine the number of options that will appear in your list. There is no limit to the number of possible options to put in your list. If you run out of space while entering, save your current selections by hitting update at the bottom of the screen. Then re-enter using edit, and you can add additional options.

            Notice that on the picklist set up screen, where you are entering the options for the drop down box, the first box allows you to designate the question as a participant question or a donor question. Select participant, if it is the participant's choice where funds are designated. Select Donor, if it is the donor's choice.

            You will need to track the amounts raised for each of your categories yourself, since the payment processors will not issue different payments for each category. This data is tracked from Reports -> Sales Summary Report.

            Updated: 14 Dec 2018 06:54 AM
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