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            Can I upload a PDF to the registration page?

            You would like to upload a PDF document (i.e. instructions, privacy policy, waiver) to the Registration & Product Sales or Registration Fees page.

            Uploading a PDF document to the registration page is a two step process.

            1) To upload a PDF document follow these steps:

            • Go to Website->Pages
            • Add a Blank Page: From Add page, select Blank Page, click the Add button.  In the Menu Name, type Links, then click the Add button.
            • In the Enabled column click Yes to toggle the page to No (we don't want this page to show in the menu.)
            • Click the Menu Link to the page you just created to open the page editor.
            • In the Page Body, Place your cursor in the Editor and type the name of the Link to the PDF file.
            • Highlight/Select the word(s) you want to link to.
            • Click the hyperlink icon .
            • Click Browse Server to open the Image Library.
            • Click the PDFs folder.
            • Click the Upload link and select the PDF file from your computer.
            • Double click the PDF file once it has uploaded.
            • Click on the Target tab and select New Window (_blank.)
            • Click OK.
            • Click the Source button on the editor and copy the code for the link just created.  It will look something like this...

            <p><a href="" target="_blank">PDF File Link</a></p>

            NOTE: If you want the link on the same line as other text, delete the paragraph <p> and </p> tags.

            • Click the Update button if you want to save this link for later use.

            2) To add the link to the registration page, follow these steps:

            • Now, go to Website->Notes, in the General Order Note, paste the link code just created.
            • Click Update.

            This is how the code will look in the General Order Note.

            This is how the link will be displayed on the registration page.

            Updated: 14 Nov 2018 06:40 AM
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