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            Can I use PayPal with my Pledge website?

            You wish to use PayPal with your Pledge website.

            Yes, you can. PayPal is integrated with all of our solutions, and will cause your Pledge thermometers to rise as donations are made.

            However, we cannot highly recommend PayPal for the Pledge module for the following reasons:
            1. Each of your donors will have to leave your Pledge website and will be redirected to the PayPal site to make payment. If people are not accustomed to using PayPal, they may not like it or want to take the time to reenter all of their vital information before donating. With PayPal, you will likely loose some donations, as when people are directed to PayPal, they sometimes decide to abort and not make the payment. If this happens, you will see 'PayPal Pending' for the order in question from Reports->Orders.
            2. You can accept Fixed Rate donations ONLY when using PayPal as your payment processor. Per Unit of effort pledges and post-processing are not supported.

            DoJiggy Payments and all of our other supported processors are fully integrated into your website. Credit card information is entered on your website, then within just a few seconds, the transaction is complete. It is much easier for your donors with a fully integrated solution.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 06:40 AM
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