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            Can you explain the function of each of the website pages?

            You are creating or editing your website and are unsure of what pages are available for your use.


            The following describes the function of the website pages available from Website -> Pages.

            • Account Login – This page displays a username and password form for your users. Users will log in to update personal fundraising pages in Pledge, manage their recurring donations accounts, etc.
            • Blank Page – This is a free form page. You may enter any content and images you wish here. This is commonly used for organizational or beneficiary information.
            • Catalog – This is a landing page which links to the Registration, Sponsorships, and Product pages of the Shopping Cart.
            • Contact Us – This page provides your constituents with your organization’s contact information and billing policies.
            • Donation Page Intro  – This area allows administrators to place a message at the top of the Donation Page. Your constituents will see this message when making a donation. Donations subscriptions only.
            • Donation Page  – This page is only available to clients who have purchased a Donations subscription. This is the mobilized donation form where your constituents will make donations.
            • Donation Thank you - This area allows administrators to create a message which displays to donors upon making a donation on the Donation Page. Donations subscriptions only.
            • Home – This is generally the page where users land upon coming to your site. It should include basic event information.
            • In Kind Donation – Constituents complete the form on this page with contact and donation information for in-kind donations. The submitted form is sent to the administrator’s email.
            • Location - This page has a standard format which includes your event’s address, phone, website, and link to a location map. The editor included here allows you to create a free form description and include a picture of your event location.
            • Optional Donation Note - This page allows you to add a special note to the registration page to encourage participants to make an Optional Pledge or Donation.
            • Participant/Group List – This page lists all event participants. As individuals register, the page is automatically updated.
            • No Cost Pledge Participant Registration – This page is used for Pledge events with a free/no cost registration. It allows participants to register as an individual or create or join a team, based upon the administrative settings.
            • Products – This page displays all optional products for sale. Add products from Products -> All.
            • Registration Fees –  This is the Shopping Cart registration page used for Pledge events with a paid registration. Fees are managed from Events -> Registration Fees.
            • Registration & Product Sales - Registration fees, sponsorships and products are shown on this page. This page is commonly used for Golf tournaments and other events where users wish to see all available items for sale on one page.
            • Search for Pledge Participants – This page includes a search function which allows donors to find participant fundraising pages.
            • Sponsorship Opportunities - This page highlights your sponsorship packages available for purchase. Sponsorships are also available from the Registration & Product Sales page.
            • Thanks to our Sponsors – This page displays a logo for each of your sponsors, as managed at Sponsors -> All. It also links to your sponsors websites and includes a description of each sponsor if this information is configured.
            • Volunteer Sign Up – This page allows your organization to solicit volunteer registrations. Volunteers can register for a specific skill or area of interest.

            Updated: 20 Dec 2018 06:43 AM
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