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            Can you explain the Pledge (Crowdfunding) reports?

            You would like to know what reports are available in the Pledge (Crowdfunding) subscription.

            For Pledge/Crowdfunding events, there are eight special reports listed below with details. These are found under the Reports menu in your admin area.
            1. Top Individual Fundraisers - This is a listing of all of your fundraisers who have raised money. The report lists names, team name, number of associated donations or pledges, average donation amount, and total donations collected. This report is used for awarding prizes to your top fundraisers, as fundraisers are shown with their rank. If participants have not raised any funds, they will not be listed in this report.

            2. Top Group Fundraisers - This is a listing of your top group or team fundraisers. They are ranked for easy prize distribution. Also included in the report are the number of donations or pledges received and the average donation amount.

            3. Top Individual Givers - This is a listing of your top donors along with the number of donations and information on to whom they donated. Use this information to personally thank and record your large donors.

            4. Donations by Donor - This report lists the name, company, phone, email and address information for all donors, the amount donated, and to whom they donated (individual and team). Also payment type and payment status are included here. This is information for your donor database.
            5. Donations by Participant - This report lists the participant’s name & the amount donated to the participant, and whom has donated it. Each donation is detailed.
            6. Donations by Group - This report lists the team name & the amount donated to each team and team member, and whom has donated it.  However, this report does not show Declined or Incomplete orders.
            7. Participant Donation Summary - This report lists the participant name & participant weblink, the total amount of donations made to the participant, and the status of the donations (complete/incomplete).
            8. Participants Not Fundraising - This report lists your participants that do not have any donations associated with their profile.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 06:55 AM
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