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            * Cloning & Creating a New WePay Payment Account

            You are a already a DoJiggy Payments by WePay client (last year or with another event) and you are being prompted to set up a new Payment Account.

            When you clone an event, the user and email associated with the WePay account is cloned by default.  However, a new WePay Payment Account must be created. This gives your organization an opportunity to update your account and event details. In this way, funds and reporting will be separate from last year's event.  

            NOTE: If the user and email associated with the WePay account has changed, please review this Help article.

            From your administration Dashboard, go to Tools -> Payment Settings and follow these steps.

            1. At the top of the page you will see the following Text: You have not yet completed your WePay Account and you cannot accept payments at this time. Please click here to Create Payment Account.  Click this link.

            2. Enter the Account Name you would like to use (The Organization Name created in the WePay account must match the TIN on file with the IRS) and add a Description (what does your organization do and who is served?).  Click Complete to save your changes.

            3. You will now receive an email from WePay titled: Please confirm your DoJiggy Payments account. You must confirm your email and set your account password by clicking Confirm.

            That's it - your account  is ready to go and you can now take credit cards. You can also log into WePay with this information to see transactions.

            With DoJiggy Payments, there is no need to try a test transaction before going live.

            After you accept the first payment on your website, you will be notified by email to add banking information to the WePay account. This email comes from WePay with the subject: Payment confirmation. Just click the button and follow the prompts to complete setup.

            NOTE: Banking information is not linked to an email address, so the important thing to note about bank accounts is that the supplied legal name of the account owner must match the name on the bank account. If the WePay account is verified as an organization or business, then the bank account would need to be officially registered under the organization.

            Updated: 16 May 2019 02:11 AM
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