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            * Closing Unit of Effort Pledges

            Your Pledge or peer-to-peer event has ended and you wish to close and charge donors for Unit of Effort pledges.


            1. Enter the Units of Effort Completed

            After your event, go to Pledge -> Unit Batch Entry. Here you will see a list of participants and have the opportunity to update or verify that their units of effort are correct.
            To update the units, simply change the number, then click the Update Button.

            2. Charge Final Credit Card Pledges

            Go to Reports -> Orders and click on the 'Incomplete (Per Unit)' orders that you wish to charge. These orders have been auto-updated to reflect the actual units completed, per step one above. You will see a Charge button at the top of the order detail screen (after clicking into the order in question.) Review and/or complete information as needed to complete the payment. Confirm that the Order Status has changed to 'Complete'.

            NOTE: Orders will NOT update to represent 0 units of effort.  If there is an order in the system for a participant who did not participate, the order will have defaulted to the Estimated number of units.  1 is as low a number as you can enter in order to change from the default to a lower number.

            3. Request Final Check & Manual Payment Pledges

            Go to Email -> Compose and pull down the Donors with Incomplete Orders option. This will be all of your donors who committed to paying by check or cash, or whose order is incomplete for another reason (including credit card incomplete orders.) Here you can email them to send you the appropriate payment. The message included at Donors with Incomplete Orders includes macros that will populate the amount due, address to send the check, and link the donors to a payment page where they can decide to pay with a credit card. You may edit this message as you wish, but be careful not to remove the necessary macros.

            If your participants are handing over checks or cash, see this article on completing check payments.

            Updated: 20 May 2019 05:29 AM
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