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            Configuring your Account

            You would like to know how to configure your account.

            Log into your account here and configure the account with the following settings.
            1. Live Transaction mode: If your account is in test mode, you will see a banner across the home page. Take your account out of test mode and place in live transaction mode to accept payments.
            2. Settings: Click on Account Settings -> Payment Form -> Form Fields and uncheck the required box for the e-mail and phone number fields. These fields are not transmitted to Making them required will cause the transaction to fail.
            3. Address Verification Service (AVS): AVS is built into the credit card authorization process to help prevent fraudulent transactions. The numerical portion of a consumer's address (ie 123 in 123 Main Street) and zip code are matched against the address on file with the consumer's credit card. A response code is sent back with the approval or decline indicating whether the numeric information matched that of the card holder's. This match (or mismatch) is provided to the merchant in order to make an informed decision regarding the status of the transaction. The use of AVS for businesses can reduce the potential for fraud. Its use is highly recommended.
              • Click on Account Settings -> Address Verification Service and set to the desired requirements. We recommend setting B (Transaction was submitted without a billing address) and N (no match on Address and ZIP Code Responses) to reject.
            4. API login ID and transaction key, as detailed in this article: How do I configure my website to accept payments with

            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 05:31 AM
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