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            Copying Source Code

            You wish to copy website pages, perhaps for a similar event.

            Note that event cloning may be an easier option. If your events are in different administration areas, you will not be able to clone them directly. However, you can make a replica of the website pages by copying source code as indicated below.
            1. In the old/original event, go to Website -> Pages
            2. Under Menu Link , click on the page name, or under Actions , click on ' Edit ' next to the page you wish to copy to the new event
            3. In the Page Body, click the Source button 
            4. Copy the HTML code that appears
            5. Access the new website at (you must access it here and not at the regular login area, or your browser will confuse data)
            6. Go to the new event's Website -> Pages area
            7. Under Actions , click on ' Edit ' next to the page where you wish to copy the source code
            8. Hit the Source button 
            9. Hit Update to save the changes.
            You will need to follow the steps above for every page you wish to copy. In this manner, all photos and formatting will be copied onto your new pages.
            Updated: 15 Nov 2018 12:36 AM
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