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            * Deleting Orders and Participants

            You are an administrator wanting to delete a participant or test registrant. Perhaps you have tried to delete the participant directly in your participant listing. If a participant is attached to an order, you will have to delete the order as well as deleting the participant.

            To delete orders, go to Reports -> Orders, and click on the order number in question. Scroll to the bottom of the order, and hit the Delete Order -OR- Delete Order and Participants button.
            • Delete Order: This action deletes the order (financial details) only. Participants associated with your order will still be active.
            • Delete Order and Participants: This action deletes both the order and participant(s) associated with the order in one step.

            NOTE: You may still need to refund the associated order.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:30 AM
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