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            Designating a Team Captain

            You have created a team of individual participants or are moving participants around and wish to designate a team captain.

            Team captains are the primary registrant on a team, when a team registration is ordered. Persons are also designated the team captain when they register by selecting to 'Create a Team'. However, in some cases the administrator will wish to designate a team captain.

            NOTE: Participants must be registered first before they can be designated as a team captain.
            To do this, go to People -> Groups and begin typing (do not paste) in the name of the registered participant under the Group Captain field. The participant's name will populate and you can click Add to save. That the person must first be a registered participant and that there can only be one captain per team.

            If you wish to change a team captain, you must first remove the old captain. Go to People -> Groups and click on the group in question. Scroll to the Group Captain field and click on the old captain's name. From here, you can select to X Remove that captain. Now the spot is available and you can add a captain, as above.

            Likewise, if the person you wish to name as Captain is already listed as a participant for that team, they must be removed as a participant first, then added as the Captain.
            NOTE: In order to add any participant to a team, whether as a captain or a participant, they cannot already be assigned to another team (or the same team), if they are, they must be removed from the other team first.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:33 AM
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