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            Domain Validation for SSL Certificates

            You have purchased the SSL Certificate and would like to know what the steps are for having the certificate installed.

            In order to provision the SSL certificate, you need to verify domain ownership. You can verify domain ownership in one of the following two ways:

            #1 Email Validation

            We send a verification email to the following 5 email addresses: administrator@yourdomainname, postmaster@yourdomainname, hostmaster@yourdomainname, admin@yourdomainname, or webmaster@yourdomainname. To verify your domain, you will click on a verification link in the email.  Send a test email to any of those addresses, and confirm that you receive that email.

            #2 DNS Validation 

            For DNS verification you or your DNS support person will need to make a change to the DNS records for your domain.  We will send you a special DNS record for your domain.  It does require a change to your domain DNS, which we cannot do for you - it requires a technician or support from your DNS service provider.

            Since each DNS provider is different you will need to contact your DNS service provider directly and ask them for directions on how to add a DNS CNAME record. For example, here is reference for adding a CNAME record for GoDaddy:
            CNAME Record Example
            If you choose the DNS validation method, we will send you DNS record data in the following format:
            1. Domain Name: 
            2. Record Type: CNAME
            3. Host (Record Name): _5d6f4c79c2a575257bdc3fbbb7f021dd
            4. Points To (Record Value):
            Using the GoDaddy example, the Host value is pasted into the field for the Host, and the Points To value is pasted into the Points To field.

            The period (.) at the end of the Points To field is required (some registrars may not allow them, but start with them first) as are the underscores (_) at the beginning of Host and Points To.  Make sure these are included (if permitted) or the validation may fail.


            You will need to choose one of the above domain validation methods that works for you.  Once you have selected your preferred method,  please open a Support Request by going to Help->Support, New Support Request from you admin dashboard.  Please provide the domain you wish to use for your website in the ticket.

            There are no other options for completing this process. We are required to follow these processes by our SSL provider.

            NOTE: Once Tech has verified your domain we will contact you to do the final configuration.  Click here for more information

            Updated: 7 days ago
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