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            Fundraising Prize Management

            You wish to offer fundraising incentives or prizes to your Pledge fundraisers. As they reach certain fundraising milestones, prizes should be awarded to them.

            Our prize management system allows your organization to easily monitor fundraising prizes or awards. The function is completely configurable for your prize levels.

            Administrators can input fundraising prizes (ie t-shirts, water bottles, pizza party) at Pledge -> Prizes, by clicking "Add Fundraising Prize".  When a fundraising goal (designated as a specific monetary amount) has been reached by a participant, within 30 minutes the prize will automatically be awarded and a prize widget will appear at the top of their personal fundraising page. 

            Only complete orders will count towards fundraising prizes, so incomplete orders will not be counted or cause a prize level to be reached. There may be a what appears to be a discrepancy between fundraising thermometers (which do include most types of incomplete orders) and prize management widgets, since these widgets only include completed orders.

            Reports of all prizes awarded can be viewed by going to Pledge -> Prizes -> and clicking the "Awarded Prizes" button.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 06:57 AM
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