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            How are checks handled?

            You would like to accept payments by check. Can you do this and how are check payments managed? 

            You can accept checks as a form of payment, along with credit card and/or other payment options. To do this, select Check/Cheque under Payment Methods at Tools -> Payment Settings. This option is for paper checks that will be mailed or otherwise delivered to you.

            When an online order is made with the payment type of check selected, the order will have a status of Incomplete. Once you receive or clear the check, you will want to complete the payment following these steps:

            1. Click on Reports -> Orders, and click the number of the order for which you wish to apply the payment.
            2. Scroll to the Apply Payments section on the lower part of the screen.
            3. Select the Payment Type as Check. If the check is for the full amount, in Payment Status select Complete.  (You can also apply partial payments.) Enter the Amountreceived and the check number in the Payment Reference.  You also have the option of adding any Notes that are useful.
            4. Click the Apply button to record the payment. Now your order status is Complete.

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            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 04:59 AM
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