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            How are offline donations entered into the system by my event participants?

            Your participants have collected pledges or donations from friends who have not visited the website. You want to know how participants can enter these offline donations they have received, so that their thermometers go up.

            Participants can enter offline pledges by following the steps below. This FAQ is written to distribute directly to participants:
            1. Login to your Participant Control Panel.
            2. Go to the My Page -> Donations option.
            3. Click on the 'Enter personal donations' link.
            4. Enter the donation information as required. Now your thermometer will display your offline donations.

            Please note that once the check or cash is received, an administrator will need to update the order status from Incomplete to Complete. Alternately, the administrator can login to the admin area and add off-line pledges.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 06:57 AM
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