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            How can I allow a captain to register a team without having to insert all of the names of the members of the team?

            A captain (main registrant) wishes to register but does not yet have the information for additional team members.

             governs what is shown, required or optional on registration forms.  If you scroll down to the middle of the screen to locate the Additional Participant section, ‘Require Invited Participant Details’ field. Setting this field to NO will allow users to complete a team registration without entering all participant data (email, phone, included products, registration questions).

            In this case, ONLY if the main registrant/captain, fills out the full name of any additional participants, will the system prompt him/her to complete the required details for that participant (email, phone, included products, registration questions).

            Otherwise, if left blank, the system will auto fill First Name = TBD, Last Name = "TEAM NAME No.1", "TEAM NAME No. 2" etc. the main registrant/captain can later add those pending participant details from their account.  The event administrator can also add the pending participant details from People -> Participants at anytime.

            If you set this field to YES, users that register one or more participants must include all the participant data requested, like e-mail, phone, included product, registration questions, etc. 

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:34 AM
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