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            How can I change the 'Pledge' wording on fundraising pages?

            You wish to customize the wording (Number of pledges received, Complete a Pledge For XXX, etc.) on your personal fundraising pages. You are not happy with 'Pledge'.

            The default wording for peer-to-peer event fundraising pages was Pledge. For newer clients, Donation is now the default. If you prefer, you can use another word. This feature is useful for organizations that are selling products through their personal fundraising pages.

            To customize your fundraising page wording:
            1. Go to Pledge -> Settings -> Pledge Label.
            2. Your default label may be Pledge or Donation. Update the Pledge Label as desired. Popular options include Donation, Pledge or Purchase.
            3. Hit Update to save your changes.

            If you would like to add a message encouraging participants to make a Pledge, see this article about the Optional Donation Note.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:00 AM
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