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            How can I collect participant information for products I am selling?

            You are offering products and would like to collect participant information for some products, but not for all products. For products such as Dinner tickets, administrators often need to collect additional participant names. However, for purchases such as raffle tickets, this information may not be necessary and creates a longer than necessary check-out for users.

            On a product basis, administrators can now determine if gathering participant information is necessary.
            From the Products->All menu, by clicking the product in question, administrators can now set the Request Participant Information field to: Optional, Required, or Do Not Show.
            • Optional or Required - When set to Optional or Required, users who select a product will be taken to a screen to include participant information.  If set to Optional and the names are left blank, the name of the billing contact will be assigned to the items.
            • Do Not Show - When set to Do Not Show, this step will be skipped.

            Previously, this function was optional and therefore, the default setting for all products will be Optional.

            Included products (those with $0 price) will not see this field, as all included products are already associated with a registrant.

            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 03:11 AM
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