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            How can I combine two incomplete teams?

            You have several incomplete teams or groups and would like to combine them to increase registration openings or prepare for your event.

            To combine teams, follow these steps:
            1. From your Admin Area, go to Participants -> Groups.
            2. Click on Edit next to the team you wish to remove.
            3. Write down the names of the players on that team, then delete the team. This will not delete the participants on the team.
            4. Now go to the team where you wish to add the participants.
            5. Click on Edit next to the team name.
            6. Scroll down to the Add Individual & begin typing your participant (don't paste). Click on their name when it appears.
            7. Do the same for the next participant to be assigned.
            8. Click Update to save your edits.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:34 AM
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