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            How can I create a link to a document?

            You would like to create a link to a Word or PDF document on your webpage.

            It is not possible to upload a Word document without first converting it to a PDF document.  To convert a Word document to a PDF, Open the document in Word, then click Save As.  In the Save as Type dropdown, select PDF, then Save. Now follow these instructions to upload the document and create the link.

            From Website -> Pages, click on the page where you wish to add the document.
            NOTE:   If the page is greyed out here (ie the registration page), you cannot add a document this way,   see this FAQ instead .
            1. In the Page Body editor place your cursor in the location where you wish to create the document link.
            2. Type in the name of the link, then highlight/select the word(s) you want to link to.
            3. Click the hyperlink icon  
            4. Click the "Browse Server" button to open the Image and Document Library
            5. Click on "Upload" button and search your computer for the PDF file you wish to use.
            6. Once you find it, click on it and select Open. This will upload the document to the server.
            7. Once the file has uploaded, Double click the PDF file
            8. Now, click the Target tab.  In the Target drowdown, select "New Window (_blank)"
            9. Click OK
            10. Click Update to save your changes

            Updated: 24 Jan 2019 03:59 AM
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