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            How can I email Donors with Incomplete Orders to request payment?

            Your event is over and you see that there are still a number of Incomplete orders in your system.  Here is what you can do to send emails to your Donors requesting payment.

            We have three predefined email templates designed to help you solicit payment from Donors.

            Donors with Incomplete Orders - This will be all of your donors who committed to paying by check or cash, or whose order is Incomplete for another reason.

            Donors with Incomplete Per Unit Pledges - This will be all of your donors who committed to paying Per Unit pledges by check or cash. The messages will populate the amount due, address to send the check to, and link the donors to a payment page if they decide to pay with a credit card.

            Donors with PayPal Pending Orders – Donors who have made pledges via PayPal but have not competed the payment.  The email will contain the order number and a link to make a payment through PayPal. When donors complete a donation on PayPal, their order will complete in the system.
            • From your Admin Area, go to Email -> Compose.
            • In the "To" field, choose your audience from the drop-down list.
            • Next, enter your message and hit the 'Preview' button to review the message.
            • Then, click the Send button to mail the notice.
            You can send a test email by entering your email in the Send Test box.  The test email will be populated with information from the first Donor record found in the database.  If all looks good, click the Send button in the bottom right to send the email to all participants.
            NOTE: You may edit the message as you wish, but be careful not to remove the necessary macros.  Macros, or snippets are displayed like this {{s:memberFirstname}}.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:47 AM
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