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            How can I enter checks or cash received by Pledge participants?

            Your Pledge participants have turned in cash or checks that they have collected for donations and pledges made on your website. You would like to apply these payments to the Incomplete Orders.

            To apply Pledge payments to Incomplete orders follow these instructions.
            • Go to Reports->Donations by Participants.
            • Select the date range "All Time" to ensure you get all orders.
            • In the "Select Order Status" field select "Incomplete"
            • You can further refine your search by Group, or Individual if necessary.
            • In the "Payment Reference" field enter the Check No. and/or a brief note.
            • Click the "Complete" button.
            • Repeat as necessary.

            NOTE: Only the full amount of the pledge can be added in this way.  If you are receiving a partial payment, please see this Help FAQ.

            Updated: 15 Nov 2018 01:24 AM
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