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            How can I hide/show the name of a donor?

            You are using our Pledge software and someone has made a donation on a personal or team fundraising page. They made the donation anonymously, but now wish their name to be shown, or have decided that they don't want their name to be shown.

            You can toggle the name of a donor from anonymous to shown or vice versa by following the directions below:
            1. From your Admin Area go to Reports -> Donations by Donor.
            2. Under the Action area, select Edit Pledge for the donor in question.
            3. Select or Deselect the checkbox "Make my donation anonymous". Click the Update button to save the change.

             NOTE: The name of the donor is still required, however as long as "Make my donation anonymous" is checked the name will not show on the public site.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 06:58 AM
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