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            * How can I include complimentary registrations as part of my sponsorship packages?

            You wish to know how to configure your sponsorship packages to include complimentary registrations. 

            You can include individual or group registrations as part of your sponsorship packages. Go to Sponsors -> Sponsorships, click on 'Settings' next to the package(s) where you wish to include complimentary individual or group registrations.

            You will see two fields:
            1. Group/Teams Included: Enter the number of complimentary teams included in the sponsorship. Note that only one group can be registered at the time of the sponsorship purchase.
            2. Individuals Included: Enter the number of complimentary individual registrations included in the sponsorship.

            NOTE: Avoid using 4 Individuals included when you want to include a Team of 4.  Instead, set 1 Team and leave Individuals BLANK.  Teams will NOT be created when only Individual registrations are included.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:11 AM
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