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            How can I paste the contents of an Excel file into a webpage?

            You have results from your fundraising drive or golf tournament, or some other data from an Excel spread sheet that you would like to paste into a page on your website, but you are getting an error.
            Please shorten your page content. 64 KB characters is the maximum length allowed.

            This error typically happens when too much information is pasted into the page editor from the source file.  To fix this, do the following...
            • Open your Excel spreadsheet and select the range of cells you want, then copy it to your clipboard using Ctrl+C
            • Go to the Website->Pages tab in your admin dashboard and click the page that you want the information on.  Click within the page body and paste the data into the page editor using Ctrl+V
            • Now, Select ALL using Ctrl+A
            • From the formatting toolbar, click the "Remove Formatting" button 

            • Format the table as desired using the page editor tools
            • Click the Source button from the tool bar and add class="table" into the table tag as in this example...
              <table align="center" border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" class="table" style="width:650px;">
            • Click Update to save your work

            Updated: 20 Dec 2018 06:45 AM
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