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            How can my Participants send an email to potential donors?

            As an administrator, you would like to know how a participant can send emails to potential donors.

            Upon successful registration a participant not only has their own personal fundraising page, they also have a Personal Control Panel as well. By logging in using the Login button under your website banner, the participant can access their PCP.

            By clicking the Email tab, the participant can write and send a personalized email message to their friends, family and co-workers telling them about the cause.

            If the participant clicks the Email tab, then the Personal tab, the "Email Family & Friends" template will be loaded.

            By clicking on "Import from my address book," they can import the address book from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Plaxo, or Outlook accounts. Alternately, they can manually enter email addresses for those that they wish to send to their personal fundraising page.
            NOTE: Due to changes in Google security policies, we no longer support importing contacts from Gmail. Please email your contacts directly from Gmail. Sorry for the inconvenience.
            Enter the Subject and customize the Message in the next two fields and hit Send.

            Updated: 3 days ago
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