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            How can send an email to my participants?

            You would like to know what your options are for sending emails to your participants.

            Your website comes with a built-in email management system that allows you to easily email event registrants using some predefined templates.

            Participants – Send information to all of your participants. This is an easy way to communicate as your event approaches.

            Participants with Incomplete Orders – This will generate an email to your Pledge participants with donor names and amount due in order for them to collect offline (check, cash) donations from their donors.  See this KB for more information.

            Participants with Missing Answers - Use this option if participants did not provide an answer to the registration questions.  Registration questions can be managed in People-> Participants -> Participant Questions.

            If you want to send and email to ALL your Participants...
            • From your Admin Area, go to Email -> Compose.
            • In the "To" field, choose your audience from the drop-down list.
            • Next, enter your message and hit the 'Preview' button to review the message.
            • Then, click the Send button to mail the notice.
            You can send a test email by entering your email in the Send Test box.  The test email will be populated with information from the first Participant record found in the database.  If all looks good, click the Send button in the bottom right to send the email to all participants.

            If you want to send an email to only One Participant...

            • From your Admin Area, go to People -> Participants.
            • Next to the Team Captains name, click the blue box, then Email.
            • The Invitation Notice will auto fill in the message body, edit as needed, hit the 'Preview' button to review the message.
            • Then, click the Send button to mail the notice.

            NOTE: You may edit the message as you wish, but be careful not to remove the necessary macros.  Macros, or snippets are displayed like this {{s:memberFirstname}}.

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:48 AM
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