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            * How do I add a participant to a team or group?

            You wish to add a participant to a team or group.

            All participants must first be registered before they can be added to a team. You cannot add someone to a team who is not registered.

            Add Participants (if needed)
            1. Go to People -> Participants
            2. Click on the link Add Participants
            3. Enter the Participant data
            4. Press Add

            OR, register them via an administrative registration, if you wish to record a payment.

            Then, add them to a Team/Group

            NOTE: It is not possible to add a participant to one group when they are already assigned to another group.  They must be removed from the first group before adding them to another one.

            1. Go to People -> Groups
            2. Click on the Group Name where you wish add the Participant.
            3. Go to the Add Participant box. This box is below the last group member.
            4. Begin typing the name of the person you want to add (do not paste in the name) and the system will pull the data for you. Click on the Name to select a participant.
            5. Press Update.

            Updated: 08 Apr 2019 12:50 AM
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