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            * How do I add a sponsor to the website?


            You wish to add a sponsor to your website's Sponsors page. Your sponsors are generally businesses or organizations (and can be families or individuals) who support your fundraising efforts financially.


            Your website's Sponsors page provides an organized page of event sponsors, each of which can include a company logo.  
            NOTE: A purchase order for a specific sponsorship will NOT be created when adding sponsors using this method.  If you are keeping track of a sale of a Sponsorship, please see this Help FAQ 

            Go to Sponsors -> All.  Select + Add to add a new sponsor or under Action, Edit next to your already added (or demo) sponsor. 
            • Enter the   Sponsor Name
            • Select the associated   Sponsorship   package. Sponsors will be listed on the website alphabetically by Sponsorship package.
            • Enter the   Company URL   if you would like the sponsor logo to hyperlink to your sponsor's website (sponsors like this).
            • Enter   Contact   Information for your use only. This information will not be included on the website.
            • Find the   Image   field. Press   Browse   to locate the logo file on your computer, and then press   Update   to upload the file. Each logo should be 300x100 pixels in size and our system will auto-resize your images to meet this requirement. If you do not wish the system to auto-resize your logo, please uncheck the box as indicated when uploading. The following formats are accepted for your sponsor logos: JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, and PNG.
            • The   Active   field determines whether or not a sponsor will appear on your website. Yes is the common setting that displays a sponsor.

            Updated: 08 Mar 2019 05:42 AM
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