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            How do I add a YouTube or Vimeo video to my website?

            You wish to embed a video on your website.

            DoJiggy supports YouTube and Vimeo hosted videos. You must first get your video ID from YouTube or Vimeo. This is a unique alphanumeric (YouTube) or numerical (Vimeo) sequence. Then go to your website editor at Website -> Pages and paste the following snippet where you wish the video to appear:
            • YouTube: {{s:youtube id="W-Q7RMpINVo?rel=0"}} 
            • Vimeo: {{s:vimeo id="98846299" color="ffffff" portait=false}}

             The IDs (value just after id=) above must be substituted for your video's unique ID.

            Width and height are adjustable.

            If you want YouTube to add suggested videos when yours has finished playing, remove the ?rel=0 at the end of the video ID like this {{s:youtube id="W-Q7RMpINVo"}}

            If you are processing a new video, and get the following message on a DoJiggy page: 'That video does not exist: 410', note that this may be a temporary error. YouTube has a lag time in their video processing. The 11 character code will not work until they've sent confirmation the video is on YouTube. After you have received confirmation, refresh and try again.

            Updated: 20 Dec 2018 06:47 AM
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