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            How do I change the Slider images for DoJiggy Engage

            Your DoJiggy Engage website template comes with a sliding images with text and action buttons and you would like to know how to edit these.

            Adding, editing or removing slides is very similar to managing a Post or Page on your site.  To manage the images and text, click on Slides from the WordPress Menu.  Here you will see a list of the three existing slides.

            Add a New Slide

            1. Click the Add New button
            2. Enter a Title for your slide - The Title will be presented as large bold text sliding down over the image.
            3. Enter an Excerpt - Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content or the point you are making.

            Slider Options

            1. Slide image - Click the Green Add Image button.  The required dimensions for the image are 1920 x 800px.
            2. Action Buttons - You can add one or two action buttons by entering the Action Button Text and Action Button URL
            3. Click the Publish button to save your work.

            Reordering the Slide Images

            The order of the slides is determined by the Published on date, the most recently published being the first to be displayed.  So, to change the order of the slides click the Edit link next to the Published on date and set it accordingly.

            Editing Slides

            To edit an existing slide click on the Title of the slide.  Here you can replace the image or change the Button text or the Button URL as necessary.

            Removing Slides

            To remove a slide image and associated buttons, hover over the Slide Title, then click the Trash link.

            Do delete multiple Slides at one time, place a check mark next to the Slide name, then in the Bulk Actions, select Move to Trash.  Click Apply to send them to the Trash.

            Updated: 18 Jun 2019 06:30 AM
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