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            How do I close registration for my event?

            You are ready to close registration and would like to know how.

            To stop taking registrations, go to Events -> Settings -> and set the 'Registration Status' to Closed. This will leave the website, sponsorship sign-up, and product sales capabilities active, and will ONLY disable the registration for Individuals and Teams. You can then go to Website -> Notes and include a note in the 'Registration Closed Note' field. This optional step will place your custom note on the registration page.

            Another option is to disable the registration page at Website -> Pages, if you prefer to not see the page on your website.

            Closing registration can be done manually once your registration capacity has been reached, or automatically if you have set the limit from Events->Settings, Advanced Settings, Event Capacity. 

            Your website registration will also close automatically when the 'Event Start Date' at Events -> Settings has been reached.
            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 05:25 AM
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