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            * How do I configure my website to accept payments with

            You want to setup your account to be used with your website. You may need to generate the API login ID and Transaction Key. We can optionally do this setup for you via the Configuration and Integration Service.

            The following settings are required in order for you to submit transactions via an internet connection between your website and the payment gateway.
            • API Login ID - A unique Application Programming Interface (API) Login ID identifies your account as authorized to submit transactions via an e-commerce Web site connection.
            • Transaction Key - authenticates transactions submitted via an e-commerce Web site connection.

            If you already have these settings, you can skip to step 3 below.


              1. Login to your virtual terminal at
              2. Generate the API Login ID and Transaction Key. From the main menu, click on the Account link This will take you to the account Settings page. From this page, locate the Security Settings section, then click on the API Login ID and Transaction Key link.  Follow the instructions there. Make a record of the Login ID and transaction key, and store in a safe place.  You will need these values for your website(s).
              3. From your Administration Area, click on Tools -> Payment Settings. Enter your API Login ID in the Payment Processing ID field, and your API Transaction key in the Processing & Confirm Password fields.

            Important: The API Transaction Key is a unique string that identifies your account. When a new Transaction Key is generated all websites and applications that currently process with the old Transaction Key must be updated!

            Once this information is in your administration area, please run your test transactions.

            For gateway problems, see the FAQ which lists error codes or call directly at 877-447-3938.

            Updated: 23 May 2019 03:07 AM
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