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            How do I configure my website to accept payments with Moneris?

            You want to configure your website to accept funds through your Moneris merchant account.

            NOTE: We only support the Moneris API for Canadian clients.

            Your Moneris merchant account is integrated with your website from Tools -> Payment Settings.

            1. From there, select the credit card types you wish to accept.
            2. Next, select Moneris CA from the Payment Processor options.
            3. Provide your Moneris ID in the Payment Processing ID field.
            4. Provide your Moneris API Token in the Processing & Confirm Password fields.

            Here are examples of what the Moneris ID and API Token look like:

            Moneris ID: monmp9999
            API Token : EjJsTJtAdnBZZVzKTrs

            Test It Out! - 
            Once your payment processing is set up, make sure you run a test transaction. Be sure to use a real credit card and make a real donation. 

            For gateway problems, contact Moneris at 1-866-319-7450.

            Updated: 03 Jan 2019 01:01 AM
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