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            * How do I configure PayPal for my website so that I receive Instant Payment Notification messages?

            You have decided to use PayPal as your payment processor. You would like to configure PayPal so that your website can receive Instant Payment Notification (IPN) messages when an order is processed. IPN messages are used in your DoJiggy Admin Area to to update order status to complete in the Orders report. 

            Merchants using PayPal as a payment option should know that you can receive IPN messages which are posted for every order processed via PayPal. This means that PayPal orders will automatically be marked as complete in your administration area when PayPal confirms that payment was completed. This eliminates the need for administrators to manually check payment and order status for each order received. 

            In order to enable this function, you must configure your PayPal Selling Preferences as below: 
            1. To configure your IPN with PayPal you will need to provide the following link. 
              Replace [YOUR HOSTNAME] with your or hostname.

              https://[YOUR HOSTNAME]

              Please copy and save this information. You will need this address in step 5.

            2. Log in to your PayPal account. 

            3. Turn on IPNs by doing the following: Click on Profile (upper right hand corner of admin) -> Profile and Settings -> My selling tools. Find Instant Payment Notifications and click Update.
              NOTE: If you do not see Instant Payment Notifications under the My Selling Tools option, you likely have a PayPal personal account. You must establish a business account with PayPal to use the IPN service. 
            4. Review details and click on Choose IPN Settings.
            5. In the IPN URL box, enter the URL provided to you in step 1. Then move your radio button to Receive IPN messages (Enabled). Press the Save button. You should receive a confirmation message that says: You have successfully activated Instant Payment Notification:

            Confirm the above settings: 

            1. Click on "Back to Profile Summary"
            2. Click on Selling Preferences -> Website Payment Preferences. Click Edit.
            3. Set or confirm the following settings: 
              Auto Return for Website Payments: ON 
              Return URL: (as determined in Step 1)
              Payment Data Transfer: OFF 
              Encrypted Website Payments: OFF 
              PayPal Account Optional: ON 
              Contact Telephone Number: OFF
            4. Press Save

            Make sure you have also configured PayPal in your Admin Area. 

            Finally, run a test transaction and review the order after testing. To review the order, go to Reports -> Orders and review the transaction you have made to make sure it completed. The order should be marked Complete in the Status column. If it is not marked Complete, please double check the above settings. If orders are marked PayPal Pending, it could be that your IPN isn't correctly configured.

            NOTE: The address where you wish to receive notifications must also be the primary email associated with your PayPal account (and in your Payment Settings). To confirm the primary email address for your PayPal account, login in to PayPal, and click on Profile -> Add or Edit Email. The primary email address will show with a Status of Primary.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2019 06:38 AM
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