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            How do I create/modify an Email link on my website?

            You wish to create an email link on the Contact Us or other website page.

            Any web page can contain email links. These links are useful on 'contact us' type pages, as the user can see an email address, click on it, and have that address fed automatically into their email client, such as Outlook.

            It is important to note that an email link consists of 2 distinct and separate parts: the visible link text, and the target email address.

            The visible link text. This is what the user sees as the text link. It can contain any text, but it is not the real target email. It is simply linked text. It could say any thing, like 'Click here to contact us', or more commonly and email address, such as  Though this is what the users sees, it is not related to the next item:

            The actual email target address.  This must be an email address. This is actually not seen by the user, but is the address that is 'fed' to the clients email program. This email address is the actual 'link', or target email address. It is unrelated to the visible link text above.

            You may create a new email link, or modify an existing email link on a page:

            You can create an email link on any page, including the Contact Us page by following these steps:

            1. Go to Website -> Pages and click on the Page Name you wish to insert an email address into. 
            2. Type in the email where you wish for it to appear on the page
            3. Highlight the email address
            4. Click on the Hyperlink icon    in the tool bar
            5. Change the Link Type to E-Mail
            6. Paste in the E-Mail address   
            7. Click OK  
            NOTE:   You also have the option to add a Subject line and even a Message.

            Sometimes it is necessary to change an email link.  It is important to remember there are 2 parts to change potentially:  
            a) The visible link text, and b) the actual email target address.

            Changing the visible link text does NOT change the actual email target address. They must be changed independently of each other.  To change the visible link text, simply edit that text, like any other page text.  To change the actual email target address, please follow the steps below.

            1. Highlight the visible link text, usually the email address. Make sure and highlight the entire email address.
            2. Right click on the email address, select Edit Link from the menu. The Link dialog will pop-up.
            3. Review E-Mail Address.  This is the actual email target address. We are assuming you want to change this value.  
            4. Enter the correct address into the E-Mail Address field.
            5. Press Ok, closing the Link dialog.
            6. Click Update, below the editor box, to save your changes.

            Make sure and test the change by refreshing the web page, and clicking on the email link. Confirm that the correct address is loaded into the client email address field.

            NOTE:   Spammers can use email addresses found on webpages, and add this email to their databases. Please use this method with caution.

            Updated: 15 Nov 2018 02:29 AM
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