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            * How do I edit the registration page?

            You wish to edit your registration page and cannot click on edit at Website -> Pages.

            The registration page is a dynamic page, one which is not edited directly, but contains settings and values that you manage from these areas:
            1. Event Dates 
              Please click on Event -> Settings and make sure all values are correct. Pay attention to event start date, registration start date.  
            2. Registration Prices
              Registration prices are handled under Events -> Registration Fees.
            3. Sponsorships 
              Click on Sponsors -> Sponsorships. Please add, edit, or delete the sponsorship packages so they are correct for your event.
            4. Products
              Click on Products -> All. Please add, edit, or delete the products so they are correct for your event. Any items with a zero price are INCLUDED in the registration fee.
            5. Order Notes
              Click on Website -> Notes. The General Order Note appears at the top of the registration page.
            6. Participant Data
              Go to Website -> Fields, Main Registrant and Additional Participants. You can set these fields to Optional, Required or Do Not Show depending on your needs.

            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 05:01 AM
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