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            How do I edit the registration waiver for my event?

            You wish to change the language in the default Event Waiver that appears on the participant registration page. The waiver that is included in the template is an example only; please edit appropriately for your event.


            On the registration form there is a check box for Participants or Volunteers to accept that states; "I have reviewed and accepted the Event Waiver" with a link to the Event Waiver.

            To Enable or Disable the Event Waiver, go to Website->Pages, and under the Enabled column click Yes or No to enable or disable the page.  Disabling the page will hide the Event Waiver field on the registration form.

            To Edit the waiver, please go to Website->Pages, and click on the page named Event Waiver.  Find the field named Event Waiver and update as necessary. Click update to save your changes.

            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 05:29 AM
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