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            How do I email registration details to my participants?

            You would like to email registration details to your event participants. 

            You can go to Email -> Compose to email people in your system. You will see a list of participants, donors, sponsors, etc. Select the group that you wish to email.

            We have several snippets or macros that you can use to email participants specific data. Some useful golf macros are shown below:
            Dear {{s:memberFirstname}}
            Group or Team Name: <s:teamname>
            Team Member List: <s:teamlist>
            Team Course Name: <s:teamcoursename>
            Participant Course Name: <s:membercoursename>
            Team Starting Time: <s:startingtime>
            Team Starting Hole: <s:startinghole>

            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 06:51 AM
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