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            How do I get complete registration details for additional (invited) participants?

            You wish to know how you will complete registration details for additional participants.

            Upon registration, the system will only take the full registration information (address, phone, etc.) for the primary registrant. 

            Additional registrant information that will be collected includes name, email address, and any custom questions or included products for your event. The system will then send an email to the additional registrant, requesting that they confirm registration by completing all of the additional registration details.

            NOTE: When 'Require Invited Participant Details?' is set to NO (under Website -> Fields), if the name field is left blank for additional participants, the record will be ignored. Therefore, no invitation email will be sent. The administrator will need to add the participant manually (from People -> Participants). The suggested setting for this field is Required, since this will require the primary registrant to include a name and email address.

            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 05:29 AM
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